Is UNN Official Cut-off Mark Out? All You Need Know About It

Today let us talk about what determines the UNN cut-off mark every academic session, I know Many aspirants are already worried and confused about how to know the cut-off mark of UNN for 2024/2025. Well, it always happens every year, you will see questions coming from right and left about the possibility of them getting admission with their JAMB-UTME result score.

But unfortunately, UNN will only Publish their General cut-off mark for JAMB SCORE (LAST YEAR WAS 160) this year’s UNN general Jamb cut-off mark is not yet available).

I will post it here immediately UNN published the official Jamb general Cut-off mark for this year’s academic session 2024/2025.

Will UNN published their Departmental cut-off mark?

UNN doesn’t publish their Departmental cut-off mark to the Public.

So don’t expect it from UNN officially because they haven’t published such and they won’t start now to make public their departmental cut-off mark.

Only what you might be getting on social media will be a tip of what people, organizations, and bloggers think or research is the cutoff mark for different departments.

Like last year people think that Medlab cutting off was around 250. Medicine and Surgery 310 and so on, but this might not stand to be the cut-off mark for this department, sometimes it stands as a guideline for Aspirants applying for those courses.

How to do you know your department Cut-off mark?

You can not know the official departmental cut off mark set by the school because they won’t published it, but you can know through our research by following our update and joining our Facebook page. If you follow us closely this year, we can always guide you on the best way to apply and the courses that might be favorable to your UTME score (but you should know that anything we say or write about the different departments cut-off is not coming from the school’s official website or school administration, it is only our own research about the departmental cut-off mark of that exact academic session.

All you need is to listen and follow the advice we will keep sharing on our platforms.

How UNN Screening Score is Determined

JAMB-UTME Performance of those who applied for the same course as you and those who choose Unn as their first choice will determine what the UNN cut-off mark will be for this year’s academic session 2024/2025.

  1. The number of applicants applying for admission this year will determine the cut-off mark.
  2. The availability of admission quotas in each department determines the cut-off point.
  3. Both JAMB and UNN Post-UTME screening performances overall influence the cut-off marks.
  4. Additionally, UNN admission policy also plays a role in determining departmental cut-off marks.

Additional Information

  • If your JAMB score is below 160, you are ineligible for UNN Post UTME screening.
  • Meeting JAMB and UNN cut-off marks is necessary, but meeting additional requirements is also essential for admission consideration.
  • Highly competitive courses like Law, Medicine, and Nursing, among others, typically have higher cut-off points.

What is the UNN cut-off mark?

UNN cut-off Mark refers to the JAMB performance of aspirants who can be eligible to apply for UNN. Not everyone who Chooses UNN as their first choice can apply for their Screening/Post Utme examination, so UNN usually cuts off 160 Jamb score for those that can apply for UNN UTME/Screening form.

How to calculate the UNN Aggregate Score if they use the screening method

UNN uses the 60:40 and Sometimes 80:20 ratio for the calculation of her cut-off mark;

But in this post, we will use the 60:40 ratio.

Now pay attention, it’s simple to calculate just follow the steps below:

  • JAMB Score = 60%
  • UNN Post UTME Score = 40%
  • Now you have to Multiply your JAMB score by 0.6

Multiply your Post UTME score by 0.4

For example, if your JAMB score is 280 and your Post UTME score is 310. Here is how to calculate your aggregate score;

JAMB = 280 x 0.6 = 168

Post UTME = 310 x 0.4 = 124

Aggregate Score = 292

Add your JAMB and Post UTME score divided by 2

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