How to Get UNN Clearance Documents and Procedure for Hostel Clearance

Consolidated hostel fees payment is a pre-requisite fees for accessing available hostel bed spaces.

Follow this steps in order to get an accommodation in a UNN Hostel:

  • Login to,
  • Click on “Apply for Undergraduate Hostel” at the top of the page or visit:
  • Enter your matriculation number (if you are first year, enter your jamb reg number) & your 2023-2024 school fees RRR number and click login
  • Click on a choice hostel to generate remita invoice
  • Move to Bank for payment or make payment online on the remita platform
  • After payment repeat step 2 to 4 to print your HOSTEL FEE Receipt (Online Payment receipt)
  •  Login to your portal to print online hostel documentation’

Come to the campus from 3pm Sunday 5th may, 2024 to sign in to the respected hostels you have been allocated to pay hall levy before accessing the norm.

Information as well as process flow for allocation of bed spaces for all other years will be officially announced on a later date.

Documents for Hostel Clearance

For your hostel clearance, you are required to provide the following documents in the order listed below:

  • Hostel fee receipt
  • Hostel remitta receipt
  • Hostel invoice
  • Hostel ID card receipt
  • Environmental Levy Receipt
  • Hall Levy Receipt
  • Hall Levy and Mackintosh Receipt.
  • Official School fees receipt.
  • Remitta school fees receipt
  • School fees invoice
  • Hostel online Documentation slip
  • Hostel Undertaking form (You will buy it inside the campus)
  • Two Passports

Levies to pay at hostel before accessing your room

  • N2,000 for Hall Levy
  • N5,000 for Hall Environmental Managerment Levy
  • Two (2) compulsory bedspread.
  • One (1) compulsory mackintosh



These are some popular rules common amongst UNN & UNEC Hostels:

  • Students are only allowed to use kerosene stoves in hostel.
  • Use of hot plate (electric stove), electric boiler (coiling ring) and gas cooker in the hostel is highly prohibited. Defaulters will lose accommodation.
  • Students are required to obey all other instructions, rules and regulations applicable to the hostel.
  • Penalty for any squatter apprehended is payment of 100% of the hostel fee. Students are hereby warned to desist from squatting.

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