UNN Requirements To Study Biochemistry 2024/2025

I’ll outline the necessary requirements for studying biochemistry at UNN in this post. This post, UNN Requirements for Biochemistry, will answer any questions you may have regarding what is required to study biochemistry at UNN.

Requirements for Biochemistry at the University of Nigeria What is the UNN biochemistry cutoff point? Does UNN allow two biochemistry sittings? What necessities must one fulfil to study biochemistry at the University of Nigeria?

Do they offer biochemistry at UNN;


If so, the requirements are there to study biochemistry at UNN? You will find this post useful if you have been wondering if the University of Nigeria offers biochemistry as a course. Try and read this post to the end.

In addition to providing you with the University of Nigeria JAMB Subject Combination for Biochemistry, I will address the questions that many applicants who want to study biochemistry at UNN have been asking for years.

I’ll respond to your query and then provide you with the minimum requirements for studying biochemistry at the University of Nigeria.

The starting point section will include the biochemistry JAMB subject combinations, as well as all the information you need to know about the UNN biochemistry department and other universities where, should you want to pursue further education, you can study biochemistry as a course.

So Let’s Begin,

Is the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) Studying the Course Biochemistry;

The answer is YES!

The University of Nigeria Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria, offers Biochemistry as one of the Undergraduate Programmes.

Now I believe you are satisfied with the answer we give you here, so what is the next thing to do now that you know that the University of Nigeria Nsukka offers biochemistry as a course?

Essentials for Biochemistry Studies at UNN

The minimum requirements for applicants who want to study biochemistry at the University of Nigeria through JAMB are listed below.

Before you may study biochemistry at UNN, you must first have at least five credit passes in your O’level results (WAEC and NECO), including English and Mathematics in no more than two (2) sittings.

On October 31st of the entrance year, you must have become sixteen (16) years old.

Observe the UNN Biochemistry Cutoff Point.

Select the Accurate JAMB Subject Compilation.

Have a nice JAMB, WAEC, and Post UTME Score.

Competitiveness, unrestricted scientific inquiry, critical thinking, innovation, and creativity are all encouraged at the University of Nigeria, which makes it more competitive. As a result, many people consistently apply to study biochemistry at UNN.

Without a doubt, University of Nigeria, is among Nigeria’s top universities to study the course Biochemistry.

Is Biochemistry Acceptable for Two Sittings at UNN;


For the requirements to Study biochemistry, the University of Nigeria (UNN) allows two sittings.

What is the duration required for study biochemistry at UNN?

At UNN, biochemistry is a four-year course.

Fees for Biochemistry at UNN Schools

Like most Nigerian universities, UNN’s biochemistry tuition is reasonably priced, at around 110,900 Naira.

An acceptance fee of 30,000 will also be paid before the tuition fee.

There are other Petty payments you will make in the Department and Faculty when you consider studying Biochemistry in Unn.

Which Campus will those students who are going to study Biochemistry will Stay;

The University of Nigeria Has two Major Campus, The Enugu Campus and the Nsukka Campus, those who are studying Biochemistry will stay at Nsukka Campus.

Thanks for reading this article, as you have known this requirement to study Biochemistry I wish you success if you will be going to study this course.

Which Faculty is Biochemistry Under;

Department of Biochemistry is under the Faculty of Biological Science in the University of Nigeria.

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